White supremacist Stephen Miller claims “unending migration” is “eroding and destroying” American values

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Citation From the July 19, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

STEPHEN MILLER (GUEST): Now, since 1965, the Ted Kennedy rewrite and Joe Biden's open borders, the vast majority of our population growth is solely people coming here from foreign countries and, as you mentioned, you cannot have social cohesion that way.

Los Angeles is more than one-third foreign-born. New York City is more than one-third foreign-born. San Francisco is more than one-third foreign-born. One in four kids. This is amazing -- In the whole country, one in four kids in the whole country has a foreign-born parent. It is not in their interest or ours to keep adding more and more and more and more immigrants so there can't be any cohesion. There cannot be social trust. There cannot be civic bonding. There cannot be a shared culture, a shared language, a shared education, a shared experience, and a shared pathway to success. We are eroding and destroying all of these things by unending migration.