Fox “news”-side anchor on Trump impeachment: “You can’t be guilty of murder if you don’t kill someone”

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Citation From the January 27, 2020, edition of Fox News’ Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream

ETHAN BEARMAN (HOST, LEFT COAST NEWS) The idea of inchoate crimes is actually enshrined and is part of common law, dating back before the founding of this country. You don't have to complete a crime to be guilty of the crime. We have so many different issues that are happening here. We're not talking about an isolated incident of Ukraine. We're talking about an incredible abuse of power that has happened, and haven't even fully investigated things like emoluments and so many other things. This is absolutely appropriate. We need to hear from the witnesses, and especially this John Bolton bombshell — we should hear from him.

SHANNON BREAM (ANCHOR): OK, but you use the word “crime,” and you said you can be guilty of it even if you don't complete it. But you can't be guilty of murder if you don't kill someone.

BEARMAN: Well, it's still attempted murder.

BREAM: Well, yeah, but you're not guilty of murder.