Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley says he doesn't know what crime Donald Trump was found guilty of

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Citation From May 30, 2024, Fox News coverage of Trump's criminal trial

JONATHAN TURLEY (LEGAL ANALYST): This is one of those things that is -- really embodies the entire Trump era. There were people who clearly were thrilled by the result. And there were people that will be very sad by it. I was saddened to watch it. I disagree with this verdict. 

I think, as I have said before, that this case was legally unfounded. When they were reading those guilty verdicts, the one thing that we didn't know is really what he was found guilty of, because if you remember, the judge allowed the jury to find guilt on any 1 of 3 secondary crimes. We weren't told whether the jury found any one of those crimes, whether they found all three of those crimes. I'm not too sure we will know that. That's one of the many issues that I think presents reversible problems in this case. 

So, what I would say, is that this is a historic moment. We all have to take a breath. But for those upset by this verdict, remember, this remains a country committed to the rule of law. And this is going to go up on appeal.