While discussing Kavanaugh, Fox host warns that “false accusations” of sexual assault are a bigger threat than terrorism

Greg Gutfeld: “It doesn't help. False accusations do not help women”

From the September 20 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): It doesn't help. False accusations do not help women, number one, and they do not help their families if people in their families are targeted. I said this before, I spent seven years believing the biggest threat to the United States was existential terror. I'm beginning to think the biggest threat to us is us because now there is the power to disappear people without any process. That's really chilling and I don't know, the dems and the media, they're so short-sighted when they're doing this because they don't see, they don't see where this could lead. This could lead to complete chaos. You could have accusation day every day, I'm not joking.


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