On NRATV, Fabio promotes gun ownership in California because “there’s going to be a lot of raping going on”

Fabio Lanzoni: CA Gov. Jerry Brown “is releasing all the rapists”

From the May 19 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Fabio, you talk about politicians. You are in California, not only are they waging war on gun ownership, but you’ve got this Prop 57 which is letting criminals out of jail and prison early just to save some money. This has become a disaster, we here at NRATV are big on law and order. You had someone break into your house, I don’t know if that was the catalyst to gun ownership or not --

FABIO LANZONI: Let me tell you, let me tell you, everybody -- its an epidemic. Number one, you have a governor like Jerry Brown, who turned his back to the law enforcement. This is their boss. Our police are demoralized because when your boss is going to take the other side – this is a very I said, non-political, you know, issue. You have the police on one side, the law enforcement and then you have the criminal on the other side. Of course we have to stand with the law enforcement, but you know the governor of California took the side of the criminal. With Prop 57, he brought down all the violent criminals to non-violent because they were good in jail. And now he’s releasing tens of thousands. Now, yes, everybody is getting burglarized, mugged, robbed in the streets. Its an epidemic.

STINCHFIELD: Including yourself, Fabio. Your house was broken into.

LANZONI: Just in my street in they did 25 homes just to give you an idea. Because now I’m getting a police report every week. Just in my area, in the month of March, 325 homes. Just in this small neighborhood of Los Angeles. It’s an epidemic, it’s everywhere. On top of that, the police have a very hard time now even to stop this criminal. And you know now the new wave of criminals he’s going to release is going to be pedophiles, child molester and rapists. He is releasing all the rapists. So next thing you know, there’s going to be a lot of raping going on. What’s the governor of California going to say to the parents and every single woman out there should be up in arms. And on top of that, its almost impossible especially in Los Angeles, to get a gun. They almost make it impossible for regular people to get gun, when criminal can get any gun they want, including automatic weapons. 


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