NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch: “The Me Too movement thing was an attempt to hijack real trauma … and use it as a vehicle for political purpose”

From the August 15 edition of NRATV’s Relentless:

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DANA LOESCH (HOST): We brought you the story the other day about the explosive allegations against DNC Vice Chairman Keith Ellison in which his former girlfriend accuses him of being a controlling, abusive maniac who emotionally destroyed her. And she now claims that she has the texts and the videos to back it up. But despite that, the DNC has barely said a word. Their “believe all women” mantra suddenly seems incapable of making a dent in that silence. And in fact Ellison still seems to be on excellent terms with the party, securing the nomination for Minnesota attorney general just yesterday. Now the only thing that the DNC has said is that they’re, quote, “looking into it.” For what? Evidence? But I thought evidence didn’t matter. Any allegation provided by a woman is supposed to be enough, isn’t it? Isn’t that how everyone wanted this Me Too moment to work? You believe all women. You believe all women whether or not the evidence exists. They’re asking for evidence so I guess, what, they’re calling her a liar? Are they shaming the woman and calling her a liar for bringing forward these allegations? I mean it wouldn’t be the first time that this happened with individuals on the left. But seriously, how far does it go? I mean, I’m just pointing out the inconsistency here. It's believe all women except when Keith Ellison is involved? It's believe all women except when [former Democratic congressman] Anthony Weiner is involved? It’s believe all women except -- how far does it go?

The “believe all women” thing and the Me Too Movement thing was an attempt to hijack real trauma and real emotional abuse and real serious physical abuse that women have suffered. And it was an attempt to hijack it and use it as a vehicle for political purpose and it's shameful.                               


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