Judicial Crisis Network's Carrie Severino: “The FBI's job” is not “to try to play cleanup” for an “attempted smear campaign” against Brett Kavanaugh

From the September 26 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

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CARRIE SEVERINO (JUDICIAL CRISIS NETWORK): When you look at the way Senate Democrats have handled it, it is really shameful. They had allegations that they -- instead of doing the proper thing, turning them over to the FBI, having them do untainted witness interviews, they sat on them. Instead of giving them to the FBI, they leaked them to the press. They gave them to The Washington Post, they gave the other allegations to The New Yorker. That's shocking.

And then they have the gall to go back and say “oh well we need the FBI to investigate this.” That's not what the FBI's job is to do, to try to play cleanup when your attempted smear campaign is actually falling apart, because I think they saw all of the witnesses -- or the alleged witnesses of these events who were there were saying, “oh, I don't remember this party. I don't know what you're talking about.” One of Dr. Ford's friends even saying “I don't even think I knew Brett Kavanaugh, I'm sure I wasn't at a party with him.” 

So I think it's been very discouraging. Sen. Grassley on the other hand has treated Dr. Ford with respect. Same for Ms. Ramirez, who had made these other allegations, despite the fact that even by her own lawyers' statements, she doesn't really remember if Kavanaugh was there. They're treating them with respect, I wish the Democrats had done the same.


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