Fox's Chris Wallace: The prosecutor questioning Christine Blasey Ford “has so far not landed a glove” on her

Wallace: “Meanwhile, the Democrats are landing haymakers”

From the September 27 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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CHRIS WALLACE (HOST, FOX NEWS SUNDAY): [Maricopa County, AZ, sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell] is treating this like a deposition, like a court hearing. Read the statement, and as a result, we're now 15 minutes in. If there's one round of 11 senators, Republican senators, that's 55 minutes. She is basically almost a third done, and she hasn't gotten anything from this woman. There was one obvious point when she said I know about four people who were in the home, one of them was this woman who's a friend, Leland, who has denied having been at the party or knowing anything about this. She didn't mention that --

BRET BAIER (GUEST ANCHOR): And she was locked in the bathroom, and said somebody was talking on the bottom, even though she couldn't hear the talking. And she hasn't landed a big --

WALLACE: No. And meanwhile, the Democrats are landing haymakers. “What do you remember the most?” “I remember the laughter of the boys as they were laughing at my expense.” “To what degree of certainty,” as you pointed out, “do you know that it was Brett Kavanaugh?” “With 100 percent certainty, I remember this meeting at the Safeway with Mark Judge, there was a boy I'm not going to name at this country club who introduced us.” The Democrats are making their point and building her credibility, and Rachel Mitchell has so far not landed a glove on this witness. 


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