Fox's Andrew Napolitano: A Republican senator “needs to demolish” Christine Blasey Ford to secure Kavanaugh confirmation

Stuart Varney: “Well, that would be a sight for sore eyes”

From the September 24 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Got to get to the Kavanaugh nomination, another woman has come forward accusing him of sexual misconduct. Kavanaugh himself calls it a smear. It seems like another delaying tactic from the Democrats and looks like a successful tactic? 

ANDREW NAPOLITANO (FOX NEWS SENIOR JUDICIAL ANALYST): There's no rules here, there's no rule that says Dr. [Christine Blasey] Ford has to prove her case, there's no rule that says Judge Brett Kavanaugh has to disprove their case, he can't prove a negative. He can't prove that he did not do something. It's a question of impression. At 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon on Thursday, what is the general impression in the country; that she was credible or that he was credible? Here's the dangerous point for him: If they're both credible, if it's a tie, I think he's going to start to lose Republican votes. He needs to be more credible than she and some Republican senator, with deference and respect, needs to demolish her the way [former Sen.] Arlen Specter did to Anita Hill.

VARNEY: Well, that would be a sight for sore eyes, would it not then?

NAPOLITANO: Yes it would.  

VARNEY: Political -- very difficult political situation. 

NAPOLITANO: Yes because when Arlen Spector demolished Anita Hill needless to say it was not the #MeToo era. 


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