Fox contributor: Women should thank Mike Pence for his rule about not dining alone with women

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Pence is a “man ahead of his time” 

From the November 21 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: There are two people in the White House. One of them, the left is quick to point out, has had allegations pointed to them. But there is another person, which is Vice President [Mike] Pence, who has very strict rules and decorum around the way he interacts with women in a professional setting. And when that came to light earlier in the year, he was excoriated, mostly by the left, for these rules. And there was a feminist in The Atlantic saying these rules and these decorums about how to interact with women in the office were interfering with women's progress. That they were actually interfering with their advancement and that they antiquated and Victorian. And I actually think some of those women ought to rethink, maybe apologize, or maybe even thank Vice President Pence. Because I think that he's a man ahead of his time. I don't think this is antiquated. I think we need to rethink the way men and women interact in the office to make sure things remain as professional and as safe as possible for women.

BILL HEMMER (CO-HOST): OK, I've got to run. I'm out of time. But Leslie, quick comment on all that that Rachel's discussing there.

LESLIE MARSHALL: Can we stop all of the apologies? Apologies don't make sexual harassment better. And I'm sure Mike Pence is a very strong man who really doesn't care about somebody's opinion. And, speaking of, we have First Amendment right to our opinion. We don't need to apologize for that, what he wants to call his wife, and those choices that he makes. 


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