Fox 5's Emily Miller Emphasizes Victim's Virginity In Sexual Assault Report

Emily Miller, chief investigative reporter for Washington, D.C. Fox affiliate WTTG (Fox 5) reported on the alleged rape of a Maryland woman, repeatedly emphasizing claims that the woman was a “virgin.”

According to Miller, police said a man sexually assaulted a Catholic nun during a home invasion in Prince George's County, MD on April 29. Miller's April 30 write-up of the assault on Fox 5's website noted that “Sources tell FOX 5 the victim, an older woman, was a virgin.” In her televised report, Miller said “according to our sources, a Catholic nun, who was a virgin, was raped in her home last night.” Miller repeated that the woman was a virgin later in the segment, saying “according to police sources, the victim was a Catholic nun who was a virgin.”

MILLER: Tony, this is one of those stories you just hate to believe is true. According to our sources, a Catholic nun who was a virgin was raped in her home last night. The suspect got away, but he was caught early this morning in Northeast, Washington. D.C. police cornered the alleged rapist this morning in this apartment in Northeast. He was hiding in a kitchen cabinet. Juan Randolph, seen in these photos, was arrested and is going to be extradited to Prince George's County to face charges including rape and home invasion.

CPL. NICOLE HUBBARD: At about 10:00 last night, officers responded to the five thousand block of Sixteenth Avenue in Chillum for the report of a sexual assault. They got there and found out that the victim -- or that the suspect, Randolph, had broken into the victim's home, assaulted her and fled the scene.

MILLER: According police sources, the victim was a Catholic nun who was a virgin. She is an older woman. The spokeswoman would not comment on the sexual assault victim. She would only say this --

HUBBARD: This is just a very disturbing crime. When something like this occurs, it just really affects our entire community -- affects our police department.