CNN's Stephen Moore's answer to sexual harassment is to never take a one-on-one meeting with a woman

Moore: “Sometimes there are false accusations”

From the October 23 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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STEPHEN MOORE: I remember I had a meeting with a major, you know, top 20 CEO of Fortune 100 company. And he said to me about two or three years ago something that I thought was very good advice for people who run companies, this is very good advice. He said, “I would never have a meeting with a woman without someone else in the room.” And this is, unfortunately, this is where we're at today. If you are in a position of power, a Bill O'Reilly, a Donald Trump, anyone who is running a company, you cannot be in a room, you just can't.

KIRSTEN POWERS: Sean Hannity has never been accused of sexual harassment. Sean Hannity has never been accused of sexual harassment. Anderson Cooper has never been accused of sexual harassment. What are you talking about?

MOORE: I'm saying that --

POWERS: So any powerful man cannot be alone with a woman? That's ridiculous. I have meetings with Jeff Zucker alone all the time, I don't have any problems, like what? This would effect women negatively that you can't even meet privately with your boss?

MOORE: If you're in a position of power it's probably not a good idea.

POWERS: Tucker Carlson has never been sued for sexual harassment. I don't understand this.

ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): That also implies women sort of --

MOORE: Sometimes there are false accusations.

POWERS: I mean look at all of the powerful men at Fox News who have never been accused of sexual harassment and this is your solution?

MOORE: It is.


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