CNN's Jake Tapper debunks conservative myth that many sexual assaults are false accusations 

Nia-Malika Henderson: “The stats I've seen as well, something like two to ten percent are falsely accused and false accusations”

From the September 7 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): This summer Secretary Devos met with both survivors of rape and sexual assault on different college campuses and also with college students or former college students who said that they had been wrongly accused of those crimes. What do you make of these concerns that the accused are being punished without having been convicted and that the standard of proof is too low, is this a big concern on college campuses can? Obviously, it happens. There are false accusations with everything. But the statistics I've seen show that it is a vast minority of incidents are false accusations. 

NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON: Yeah, the stats I've seen as well, something like two to ten percent are falsely accused and false accusations. And you've had some high profile cases where the incidents ended up being false accusations. I think in some ways this is going to play right into what we were already seeing, sort of the culture of wars. 

You have conservatives essentially saying that what the Obama administration did was political correctness run amuck and essentially overreach. And you've heard some of that from people who work in the Department of Justice. Candice Jackson, who works in the civil rights division of the Department of Education essentially said that she thought that 90 percent of these cases that come up are really just people who were both drunk and later wanted to cry that something happened and something like a sexual assault happened. 

She later back peddled and said that she was being flippant and mistakenly flippant. So I think this is again a rollback of what we've seen from the Obama administration, in some ways not surprising and again I think it plays into this division between conservatives and progressives and how culture and how people should interact and again playing out on campuses. I think what will be interesting to see how colleges themselves react, right. They, of course, are welcoming students on to their campuses now as the beginning of the school year begins so we will see what happens on their end.  


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