Jake Tapper: Trump's own Justice Department admits that his Obama wiretap claim "continues to be a lie"

Jake Tapper: Trump's own Justice Department admits that his Obama wiretap claim "continues to be a lie"

Tapper: Trump administration tried to lean on "wild claims" by Fox's Andrew Napolitano who was taken off the air after falsely claiming Obama used British intelligence agents to spy on Trump


From the September 5 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): The Justice Department was responding to a Freedom of Information Act request for evidence backing up the president's claim. But even the president's own Justice Department came up snake eyes on the roll.


Make no mistake, this information is embarrassing. It's embarrassing because the president said something that wasn't true at all and the federal government knew it wasn't true back in March when [then-FBI Director James] Comey testified, and your taxpayer dollars keep being used to investigate this fiction. The Trump administration has made any number of attempts to try to force the claim into somewhere near the possibility of a neighborhood of maybe true, saying that the president was actually talking about unmasking requests or leaning on some wild claims by a Fox News contributor who claimed British intelligence did the dirty deed, a statement from which the Fox News news division had to distance itself. But the bottom line is and always has been there is no evidence that Donald Trump was wiretapped by Barack Obama. It was and continues to be a lie, and no holiday weekend Friday night document dump is going to cover that up.


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