On Fox News, Sean Spicer claims that no one on the left is outraged over the New York Times' horrible tweet about Kavanaugh

Spicer: “The tweet that the Times put out was unbelievably well beyond the word 'insensitive' ... Where's Kirsten Gillibrand? Where's Hillary Clinton?”

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Citation From the September 15 edition of Fox News' MediaBuzz

HOWARD KURTZ (HOST): Two reporters who have written a book about the Brett Kavanaugh nomination saying that there is a second alleged incident. This is, you know, 35 years ago, party at Yale, drunken dorm party which the now-Supreme Court justice is said to have exposed himself. The problem with the story, as we talked about earlier, is that the former classmate who's making this claim didn't talk to the reporters, they say they talked to two people who talked to the classmate, and the woman who allegedly was the victim of this supposed incident didn't talk at all and her friends say she doesn't remember. 

SEAN SPICER (FORMER WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY): Well, and they didn't talk to Kavanaugh either. So that's --

KURTZ: They did ask to speak to Kavanaugh, and he declined. 

SPICER: Correct.


SPICER: But there's two sources in this. One that clearly, no, one is Kavanaugh, one is Ms. Ramirez. Neither one of them spoke to the Times. That seems problematic on its face, that neither person who are primary sources in this particular story were spoken to, that in itself. I, actually Howie will go, and I know it's getting lost in the coverage -- the tweet that the Times put out was unbelievably well beyond the word "insensitive," and I don't know what even words come to mind right now but the idea that there is not outrage on the left. Where's Kirsten Gillibrand? Where's Hillary Clinton? The idea that they use the language that they did, and I will not repeat it here on television, in that tweet and there's no outrage from these people who have stood up and talked about fighting for women and all of these these inappropriate remarks is disgusting.

The idea that other colleagues at The New York Times who sit there and watch this happen aren't speaking out and say this is not acceptable at the Times. Time and time again, The New York Times has a pattern of doing inappropriate things. Last week we saw the political editor reveal all of these anti-Semitic tweets and everyone at The New York Times that site there lets it go by is complicit. So for all the talk about what Donald Trump says and does coming from The New York Times, they need to mind their own house first. They've got a problem with anti-Semitic comments from their own staff. This was clearly a highly inappropriate tweet that was put out, another example of the folks online doing stuff. And the idea that everyone washes it away, The New York Times has a serious problem and the idea that every one of those journalists that work there, their other colleagues and all these folks on the left that claim to have this holier-than-thou attitude are silent just shows you the hypocrisy that goes on right now.