Hannity and his guests lie about violent rioting by pro-Trump supporters, claim it was “the left”

Hannity: “This is coming from the left, the radical left”

From the October 15 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN SPICER: The concern to me is it all seems coming in one direction. And instead of denouncing it you know the media would be out there asking the right to do that if it was going in that direction, instead you see the left doubling down. Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, as you mentioned, Eric Holder. These people are doubling down, inciting it, if this was the right doing it to the left Sean, if these were Donald Trump supporters there would be outrage on every one of those left-wing cable news time and time again.


SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Not only Portland last weekend and this weekend but New York this weekend and a bunch of anarchists go to the New York GOP club, Republican club, whatever it happens to be and they’re committing vandalism, anarchist signs that they’re putting up etcetera and then there’s a confrontation on the street there. That’s not what the media says, they don’t tell the whole story. They get it wrong in the beginning, kind of pissed off that I even for a second believed half of what they wrote and this is coming from the left, the radical left.


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