Sean Hannity: We've never seen a “media [that] seemingly wants the president to fail”

Rush Limbaugh in 2009: “I hope Obama fails”

From the January 30 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Now, it's best when the president can push aside the bias filter of the liberal mainstream media, like he did tonight, and speak directly to you, the American people.


The media that worshiped Barack Obama, defended his terrible failed policies for eight years, they're not willing to give this president a break, or credit for anything. And they have been so abusively biased, something we've never seen in American history.

The media seemingly wants the president to fail. They are actively rooting for it, which is why speeches like tonight help the president explain his vision for this country, without the spin, without the smears from the liberal media.


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