Rush Limbaugh Laments He “Got Nobody Joining Him” In Hoping Obama Would Fail

Rush Limbaugh Laments He “Got Nobody Joining Him” In Hoping Obama Would Fail

"I Want Obama To Fail Because I Want America To Survive"


From the May 9 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ the Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Whenever I run across Republicans out there just bellyaching about Obama and going -- Trump -- and bellyaching about Trump and losing their minds over Trump. And like last Friday, when I summarized for you the genuine fatalistic, it’s-over-ism out there in so many different sectors of American conservatism. And I read excerpts from some of these pieces to illustrate, and I asked where was all this during Obama? Where’s all this rage, where’s all this anger at stuff that actually is happening? And has been happening for seven-and-a-half years. We haven’t had any anger of the sort from the Republican establishment that’s being directed at Trump. This is not a defense of Trump, by the way. I’m not saying any of this from a pro-Trump position, here. I’m simply observing, and it has amazed me. I’m -- to this day, folks, to be bluntly honest with you, I remain really surprised I had nobody joining sides with me on January 16 of 2009 when I said I hope he fails. When I was telling the story about The Wall Street Journal running a 400-word op-ed from a bunch of people on their hopes and expectations of Obama’s presidency. And I said I don’t need all that. I can do it in four words, I hope he fails. And I got nobody joining me. I got some on my side attempting to explain it, but they wouldn’t join me. And I had a cacophony of people saying, "that’s outrageous, you don’t say that, we should all unify behind our president, we should all come together, nobody wants our president to fail, because nobody wants our country to fail." And I said you're missing the point. I want Obama to fail because I want America to survive. I want Obama to fail because I don’t progressivism and liberalism to win. What’s so hard about this?


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