Sean Hannity tells disgraced former host Bill O'Reilly to “go back on Fox”

Sean Hannity tells disgraced former host Bill O'Reilly to "go back on Fox"

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Citation From the November 26, 2019, edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

BILL O'REILLY: The other thing I did in the interview was I made it a little personal. I said you know, you -- you're taking more attack and vitriol than any other president with the exception of Abraham Lincoln. And I said I've seen you show emotion to me when I had never seen that before in 30 years. His answer to that is really interesting because I do believe it's taken its toll on President Trump. But if you read The United States of Trump, this statement that I wrote in that book remains true. I have never seen a human being able to absorb more punishment than Donald Trump.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): So true, it's unbelievable. 

O'REILLY: I mean, you and I, we can identify because we've been attacked for more than 20 years, each of us has.

HANNITY: Twenty-four to be exact. By the way, I keep offering you, go back on Fox, and --

O'REILLY: Yeah, and why do I want to do that?

HANNITY: No, no, you can --

O'REILLY: So I can have security guards go with me everywhere, like I used to?

HANNITY: No, so that you take the number one slot. I can tell you it's easier being number two because we'll end the -- 

O'REILLY: Yeah --

HANNITY: We'll end the year again number one in all of cable, and with that comes all the crap associated with it. 

O'REILLY: You bet, and -- but your listeners should understand there is a price to pay for being a traditional conservative American in this country.