O'Reilly Finally Plays Defense For News Corp.; Hannity Still Silent

After weeks of ignoring News Corp.'s phone hacking scandal, Bill O'Reilly finally covered the issue on his show last night. His coverage consisted of a report from Amy Kellogg, who has been reporting on the topic for Fox News from London, and a discussion with Heritage Foundation senior fellow Nile Gardiner:

In all, the segment ran for about seven minutes, and O'Reilly used most of the discussion with Gardiner to spin the scandal away. (O'Reilly falsely claimed that there hasn't been any “intrusion of this story thus far on News Corp. properties” in the U.S. In reality, Les Hinton, CEO of News Corp.'s Dow Jones division, resigned as a result of the fallout.)

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity ignored the scandal on his Fox News show yet again. Since the story escalated over the Fourth of July weekend, Hannity hasn't mentioned it at all.