“The National Enquirer Has Become The New York Times”: Here Is The Man Hannity Hypes As Clinton's Fixer

Jeff Rovin: “The New York Times Has Become The Enquirer, The Enquirer Has Become The New York Times. The World Is Upside Down”

From the October 24 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You knew when Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton went on 60 Minutes and they denied Gennifer Flowers, which eventually he admitted to in the Starr Report, that he was lying.

JEFF ROVIN: I thought this was going to be pretty easy when I first agreed to do it, because you had Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers. The stuff was out there, I figured, “OK we're done.” We weren't. I would say that David Perel's files, and I know that Dillon and his team have their own files, but David's files were massive. We're talking Canterbury Tales massive, and the reason that I agreed to participate in this process now was not an easy decision because I don't like --

HANNITY: Why did you?

ROVIN: Because Dillon showed me the article. There were names in there that I didn't feel should be in there, friends of, confidential sources that he didn't realize were confidential, and I said to him, “OK, I will participate, provided I can compare your article to my journals, take out these names, and most importantly,” and this is going to have the order of hypocrisy, considering the story itself, I wanted to write an editorial condemning the salacious nature of political reporting now. Look, the The New York Times has become the Enquirer, the Enquirer has become the The New York Times. The world is upside down. We've got to set it right again.


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