Here's how Trump uses Twitter to show his love for Fox News

And his dislike of almost everyone else

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters

The mutually beneficial relationship between President Donald Trump and Fox News has been readily apparent for a while, partly because of the network’s Trump mania during the campaign. But in the first six months of Trump’s presidency, Fox -- and in particular Trump’s favorite morning show, Fox & Friends -- has essentially become a propaganda outlet for the president. In return, Trump has praised Fox and echoed claims made by the network, while also attacking Fox News’ competitors as “fake news.”

One of the main ways Trump shows his adoration for Fox is through his Twitter account, where the president has often been explicit in his appreciation for the network’s coverage. According to a Media Matters search on the Trump Twitter Archive, along with a manual search of Trump’s tweets, since Inauguration Day (as of July 19), Trump has:

  • tweeted at Fox & Friends (@foxandfriends) 18 times;

  • retweeted Fox & Friends (@foxandfriends) 28 times;

  • tweeted or retweeted a link to Fox News or Fox Business’ website at least 21 times; and

  • tweeted at Fox News (@FoxNews) 18 times.

Trump oftentimes retweets misleading or inaccurate Fox reports and graphics. For example, Fox’s tweets highlighting employment gains in the February jobs report failed to note that much of the gains were part of a pattern that preceded Trump’s presidency. In March, Trump retweeted a highly misleading Fox & Friends report claiming terrorists were using religious visas to enter the U.S., even though the report did not cite even one example. In May, despite his past criticism of anonymous sources, Trump retweeted Fox pushing a dubious report from a single anonymous source who claimed Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, did not suggest to the Russians that they establish a secret communications channel, which was contrary to other reporting. And in July, Trump set off a firestorm when he accused former FBI Director James Comey of breaking the law based off a misleading Fox & Friends report that he had retweeted. (Fox & Friends later issued a correction.)

In addition, Trump has also shared at least 16 Fox videos and graphics, frequently using them to highlight Fox’s misleading portrayal of economic news, which has been framed to look positive for Trump. Trump also seems to nearly exclusively rely on Fox whenever he wants to share footage of himself from events and ceremonies, such as an inaugural ball, the signing of executive orders, and his speech at a NATO gathering. As president, Trump has also tweeted links to Fox stories more than to those of any other individual outlet, tweeting at least seven Fox articles.

Trump on multiple occasions has even used his Twitter account to laud Fox’s reporting, saying “@foxandfriends is great,” referencing its “great reporting,” praising its segments, and congratulating the show on its ratings. In return, Fox has at least on some occasions showed or read on air tweets by Trump that mention the network. On June 16, Trump retweeted Fox News host Sean Hannity's tweet that he would have on his show a “monologue on the Deep State’s allies in the media.”

Perhaps what makes Trump’s online fawning over Fox most jarring is the sharp contrast to how he talks about other media outlets on Twitter. In line with his administration’s war on the press, Trump has regularly attacked other outlets by name, often calling them “fake news” and even once going so far as to call some media outlets the “enemy of the American People.” In July, Trump took his gripes against CNN to a new level, tweeting “I am extremely pleased to see that @CNN has finally been exposed as #FakeNews and garbage journalism. It's about time.” The president also tweeted a video of him wrestling CNN to the ground and repeatedly called the network "#FraudNewsCNN."

From a Media Matters analysis:

  • Number of tweets in which Trump invoked “fake news”: at least 69

  • Number of tweets in which Trump attacked The New York Times: 20

  • Number of tweets in which Trump attacked ABC: eight

  • Number of tweets in which Trump attacked NBC or MSNBC: 11

  • Number of tweets in which Trump attacked CBS: three

  • Number of tweets in which Trump attacked CNN: 15

  • Number of tweets in which Trump attacked The Washington Post: seven

This piece was originally published on June 17 and has been brought up to date through July 19.