Hannity guest host Jonathan Gilliam: Michael Cohen's crimes “have nothing to do with President Trump”

Gilliam: Cohen is blaming “blind loyalty” to Trump;  “that is a smear tactic”

From the December 12 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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JONATHAN GILLIAM (GUEST HOST): We live in a country where we're not supposed to fear the government coming after us because they don't share our beliefs, for instance. We live in a country where the Founding Fathers took great steps to ensure that whatever religion you want to feel, whatever opinion you want to have about a politician, or the police, or anybody else for that matter, it's protected. It's your opinion, you can have it. And one of the ways that those protections carry out throughout the Constitution is that we are protected from being held as guilty before we are proven innocent.

And when we look at the case of Eddie Gallagher, which again we're going to talk about later; and we look at the case of President Trump with this Russia, fake Russia collusion; when we look at Michael Cohen marching into the courthouse today and claiming blind loyalty to Trump when he's being charged with crimes that have nothing to do with President Trump -- and he's saying that blind loyalty, that is a smear tactic. That is a campaign, a propaganda campaign that the prosecution -- in that case it's Mueller -- that they use to press upon juries and people who're being charged and manipulated for various reasons. Now I don't know what the reasons are in Eddie Gallagher's case, it's very clear when you look at Michael Cohen that they're going after him to put pressure on Trump.


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