Hannity criticizes President Obama for being updated on Russia's interference in US elections

Tom Fitton: “Pick your poison in terms of presidential involvement in these sensitive criminal investigation”

From the February 7 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): This whole issue of Barack Obama wants to be kept abreast of all of this and [Peter] Strzok and [Lisa] Page are preparing what appears to be talking points for President Obama. Wall Street Journal says it was not about the email investigation but from earlier comments that I saw that you made, you have your doubts about that.

TOM FITTON (JUDICIAL WATCH PRESIDENT): Well, you pick, it’s either about the email investigation or the Russia investigation. Either way you see President Obama being intensely involved in wanting to know everything about either the Clinton email investigation or Russia investigation. Pick your poison in terms of presidential involvement in these sensitive criminal investigations. Now, I've always wondered why President Obama has skated really free from any serious inquiries about his involvement in the Russia investigations, his knowledge about the dossier, its origins -- remember, you know, he’s a politician too.


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