Fox's Dan Bongino claims Bill Taylor’s testimony proved there was no quid pro quo

Bongino: “You, me, and Geraldo now have more information about the call than Bill Taylor did”

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Citation From the October 22 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Dan, I -- the fact that nobody calls this out, the fact that this is allowed to go on, led by a corrupt, conflicted, case witness, Schiff, is unbelievable to me.

DAN BONGINO: Yeah, I mean, think about what happened today, Sean. Bill Taylor in this testimony which was supposed to be revelatory, well, what did we really find out? That the so-called quid pro quo for the military aid, that Taylor admitted that the Ukrainians didn't even know the military aid was held up until August.

Now, for the liberals watching, they have a tough time with dates, calendars and chronology, the call was in July, which means it's a really bad attempt at extortion if you don't tell the people you are extorting them.

Sean, another take-away from this testimony today. Taylor has admitted he didn't
even see a read out of the call, so again, you, me, and Geraldo now have more information about the call than Bill Taylor did, because he never even saw the transcript.

And keep in mind, this is also the guy who was answered in a text by Gordon Sondland, that Sondland had spoken to the president, and said, the president said, "Let me be crystal clear. There is no quid pro quo."

Only to a liberal does that mean there is a quid pro quo -- or, a media type. That's the only translation a liberal understands, of no quid pro quo, which is just bizarre.