Sean Hannity: Trump's request for a “favor” from Ukraine isn't proof of a quid pro quo because Trump uses the word “favor” a lot

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Citation From the October 22 edition of Fox News' Hannity: 

SEAN HANNITY: When the president said, I like you to do us a favor. Okay. It's a favor, ok. There were no strings attached, zero quid pro quo, doesn't exist. Because during the call, the government of Ukraine had no idea the U.S. had temporarily delayed aid. And they still got the aid. Plus, the aid was never attached to anything. Nothing. And that's clear in the transcript. Especially related to sleepy creepy crazy uncle Joe. Especially related to the 2020 election. And let's be clear, the term do us a favor - well, we all have go-to phrases. You know, I say, you know, a lot. The president uses them all the time. Kind of a verbal aside.