Fox Pushes Idea That People On Welfare Are Democrats' “Natural Base”

Fox News likes to promote the idea that President Obama is trying to buy votes through welfare benefits. Fox is now taking it a step further by explicitly pushing the claim that people who receive government benefits are the base of the Democratic Party.

On Your World, Townhall's Guy Benson discussed an effort in Massachusetts to send voter registration forms to people who receive government benefits, which the state is required to do as part of a legal settlement. Benson said, “If I were a lefty or a liberal, I'd want the same thing. Get the natural base of the Democrat Party, people who are reliant on government, get them out to the polls.”

On Hannity, The Washington Times' Kerry Picket echoed Benson, claiming that the Massachusetts program was being used “to actually get the Democratic base vote out.”

On The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly echoed a similar theme. Discussing a Fox News poll showing Obama favored by 49 percent of respondents, O'Reilly said that “included in that 49 percent have to be everybody getting welfare payments, because Romney's saying he's going to do away with all that.”

But wasn't Ann Coulter saying just the other day that the Democratic base was "stupid single women"?