Fox News abruptly cuts off Donald Trump as he's criticizing Ron DeSantis for “voting against social security, voting against Medicare”

Trump: “He’s getting crushed now in the polls”

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Citation From the March 27, 2023, edition of Fox News' Hannity 

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): The question I'm asked the most about -- about you of late is Ron DeSantis. This is the question: "What happened? I thought they were friends. What happened?" 

DONALD TRUMP (GUEST): Not friends, I didn't know him well.  


Ron, I got in. He was losing -- there was no way -- it was over. He was dead. He was going to drop out. He was gone. And then when they asked him -- "Is he going to run?" He said, "I have no comment."

And a lot of people -- political people -- said, "Sir, never bring that subject up. The voter doesn't care about that subject." But, I do and I think people do care about loyalty. When you help somebody, really help them, I mean get them -- and then he announces that essentially he's going to run against you. That's what he announced. Because when he said that, that means to me that you're going to run.

And he's going to run, but he's getting crushed now in the polls because he did a little thing like voting against social security, voting against Medicare, his numbers aren't very good on COVID.