Early Show contributor to her father, Sen. Scott Brown: “Would you run for president?”

Ayla Brown, a contributor for CBS' Early Show, had a hard-hitting Father's Day inspired interview with her dad, Massachusetts GOP Senator Scott Brown this week:

For anyone wondering why CBS hired Brown back in April as a contributor, the interview doesn't provide a clue as to her journalistic bona fides but don't forget, she did come in somewhere between thirteenth and sixteenth place on American Idol back in 2006.

She begins the piece saying Sen. Brown is “just the guy who taught me to play basketball and love motorcycles” and the questions following the set-up are just as sappy:

When did you start thinking of me as an adult?

You taught me everything I know about basketball, but did you ever think that one day I could beat you pretty handily?

Are you scared or worried that I won't find someone, is that why you said I was available?

How has life changed after winning the election in terms of being a dad?

If Mom, Arianna, and I all supported you in this decision, would you run for President?

Ridiculously, Early Show co-host Harry Smith, who described the interview as “quite a story,” told Brown that she asked her father “the tough question.”

The “tough question” must have been cut from the interview because the ones listed above are quite literally all of the questions aired during the interview.

Oh, if only every Senator had a reality show cast-off child working as a contributor for one of the network morning shows -- they could fill every Father's Day and Mother's Day with such fine, quality programming.


Happy Father's Day dad.