Fox Host: Anyone Who Sees 13 Hours “And Then Goes On To Vote For Hillary Clinton, They're A Criminal”

From the January 18 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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SANDRA SMITH: So, what do you think of her dismissing all of the, I mean there are still so many unanswered questions here, Senator. People still want to get answers here and she is just saying it's movie making.

SCOTT BROWN: Typical Clinton. Just blow it off. That being said, my wife saw it yesterday. She called mer. She said she cried. She never cries at movies unless it's like, you know, touchy-feely type of movie. But that being said, the question that she and others are asking is who was in charge? It never mentions Clinton directly, but it's always State Department, State Department, State Department. Because they were in charge. They were running the show and they were nowhere to be seen and people died. And it's in the back of people's minds. And this actually brings it to the forefront. So, we'll see. I think she can't blow it off. I think it's going to be a very important part of the --

SMITH: Does constantly dismissing this, Andrea, does it eventually end up hurting her?

ANDREA TANTAROS: It does ends up hurting her. Because this isn't just a movie that's based on fiction. I mean, you can look at four gravestones, four tombstones and know that this is real. And actually, she should be lucky they didn't go further, Michael Bay didn't go further with that movie making. And it really points to credibility. If she wants to speak out now and try to discredit the film, she is speaking out against the survivors who we've seen on this news channel and elsewhere, talk about how she stood and looked victim's families in the eyes and lied. And a majority of Americans when polled, the number one word that they associate with Clinton is liar. So this woman has zero credibility. And frankly, I'll take the word of the men who survived that attack at that embassy over her word any day. And we know from that movie a stand-down order was given. Who gave it? She still has questions to answer.

SMITH: So she's also saying that she's not, she can't go see the film. She's too busy campaigning, Julie. Does she, is she appearing insensitive in all of this?

JULIE ROGINSKY: Well look, her point is that she spent 11 hours testifying on this issue. So it's not like she is avoiding subject. She obviously answered all the questions that were posed to her. She left when they were finished asking the questions, not when she decided to leave. And secondly, she continues to say that the Republican Intelligence Committee concluded that there was no stand-down order given. Now that's a point of contention obviously. But she is pointing to the fact that it was a Republican House Intelligence Committee that did that. What is she supposed to say? I mean, you guys expect her to what, fall on the sword and say I did it, I did it, I personally --

BROWN: No, just say I'm sorry. I'm sorry I was in charge. This is what we did. And from --

ROGINSKY: She took responsibility for it.

BROWN: No, no. She's never come out. And listen I was in the hearings. And I'll tell you, they were the worst hearings in terms of when we initially were inquiring to get a straight answer. Had she said, you know, we screwed up. And what are we going to do make sure we work together that it never happens again? This is what I'm going to try to do. This is what I should have done. And this is what I'm going to tell my, Secretary Kerry to try to do. And that's never happened.

TANTAROS: Julie, she jailed a filmmaker based on a movie who, and this man is still in prison. That alone should put Hillary Clinton in prison. And frankly, if anyone sees this movie, which everyone should go see it, and then goes on to vote for Hillary Clinton, they're a criminal. In my estimation.


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