When is the Weekly Standard's Matthew Continetti going to correct his Palin valentine?

Continetti's actually in the process of writing a Palin book right now, so of course he wants to try to prop Palin back up. And to nobody's surprise his recent glorification of Palin in the pages of The Weekly Standard read like it was written by a Palin staffer. (Or Bill Kristol.)

But note this passage, in which Continetti throws a pity party for Palin (actually, the entire article's a pity party) and how no-good Alaskans are filing frivolous ethics complaints against her, which were making it impossible to govern!

Here it is:

The state personnel board has dismissed the complaints, one after the other. According to the governor, however, when all is said and done--when one factors in all the wasted time and resources--the cost to Alaska amounts to some $2 million.

As readers of the Anchorage Daily News, as well as Alaska bloggers, now know, the official cost for the “frivolous” ethics complaints to the state of Alaska stands at approximately $300,000, not $2 million. It might be nice if in the next issue Continetti points that fact out to readers.

He might also want to point out that by far the biggest cost to the state of Alaska regarding the ethics complaints was an investigation that Palin herself requested. (It was for Troopergate.) Does The Weekly Standard not think that fact merits attention? Or is Continetti not working on that kind of book?