Anchorage Daily News provides helpful Palin context

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The conservative talking point is that Palin had to quit being governor because of all the baseless ethics complaints being filed against her by her political opponents. They were crippling her ability to govern--paralyzing her--and costing the state millions of dollars in fees.

Here's how the ADN explains the situation [emphasis added]:

The governor repeatedly returned to the subject of ethics complaints filed against her during her 10-minute interview with the Daily News, saying she spent "most of my day, and my staff, most of their day and the department of law, a lot of their day on the frivolity."

There have been 18 known ethics complaints filed against her. The governor's office said they've been dismissed so far with no finding of wrongdoing, although she did settle a complaint over state-paid travel for her children.

The state personnel board put its cost of dealing with the complaints at about $300,000 -- around two-thirds of which was in addressing the "Troopergate" issue last fall. Palin herself initiated the personnel board investigation on "Troopergate," saying that the state Legislature's investigation of the matter was politicized and she was seeking the appropriate venue to deal with it.

A) Palin quit over $300,000?

B) Is the rest of the press going to report this?

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