UPDATED: Team Palin Demands The Media Give Them Something To Complain About

Slate's Dave Weigel has a fun catch this morning documenting Sarah Palin aide Rebecca Mansour's Twitter crusade against various mainstream media outlets that, in Mansour's estimation, didn't pay enough attention to Palin's speech this weekend at a Wisconsin tea party rally. Weigel asks: "[I]s it a mystery or sign of bias when an author and former vice presidential candidate gives a speech at a rally and it doesn't get national news coverage?"

No, but it's death for the Palin brand, which relies on relentless attention from the media apparatus it claims to despise. If that coverage is critical or not sufficiently deferent, so much the better -- grievance is a powerful ally for the good ex-governor.

But that all falls apart when the media stop paying attention or are otherwise distracted, leaving Palin acolytes with little to occupy their time. As a result, you see this bizarre scenario in which a member of Team Palin demands a media outlet cover Palin, while simultaneously attacking that outlet for being biased against Palin.

The only thing worse than being talked about...

UPDATE: Mansour is back on Twitter, saying that she wasn't demanding media coverage, just mocking specific media outlets for not covering Palin in the way she wants them to: