Rush Limbaugh: “We didn’t try to say” that Obama’s election was illegitimate, or try to disqualify him

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Rush Limbaugh: “We didn’t try to say” that Obama’s election was illegitimate, or try to disqualify him

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Citation From the January 31, 2020, edition of Premiere Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): And part of that disconnect stems from the fact that when you boil all this down, the people we're talking about in Washington really don't care about public opinion. And all this time, we — voters — have thought they do.

For example, a party loses an election. We've always been under the impression, when we were younger and naive, that the party that lost an election would realize, “Hey, maybe we're losing touch with the people. The people are the ones who vote, the people that determine, you know, what kind of party, what kind of policies, are going to lead the country, and we're maybe out of step. We've got to do something to get back in step with the people.”

Well that's, that doesn't happen. And in particularly on the Democrats — the Democrat side, there's nothing but pure, raw resentment.

But what did we not do? We didn’t try to kick Obama out of office, and we didn’t try to say that his election was illegitimate, and we didn’t start an eight-year process to disqualify him. OK, we lost, why? How did we lose, then? I ask my — “Why did we lose, what did we miss, how did we not reach voters, how did we somehow not persuade people that voted for Obama that they were making a mistake?” And this was, to me, it's an intellectual pursuit, it's an emotional pursuit, and it's a daily objective. 

But for these people that we’re up against — look, they lose to Trump, and what have they done the past three years? You think they care what public opinion is? They have utter disdain for it. They’re doing everything they can to overturn the election results. They couldn’t care less. In fact, these are the people out there running around, trying to dismantle the Electoral College now.