Rush Limbaugh doubles-down on his hurricane conspiracy theories

Limbaugh suggests that people calling him a hurricane denier proves that “people are using" Hurricane Irma “to advance the climate change agenda”

From the September 6 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): You know that reporter that got clocked by the Republican out in [Montana], Ben Jacobs, is it? Well, apparently, this guy heard, well I don't think he heard. I don't think any of these people actually listen. They probably got an out-of-context, erroneous report of things I didn't say yesterday. And he tweeted that I am a hurricane denier. Which, by the way, does that not prove that these people are using this storm to advance the climate change agenda, which was one of my focal points yesterday? And that, apparently, caused an erruption of various sectors of social media. And so Erick [Erickson] wrote a piece here to try and set these people straight, to tell them what exactly happened on the program yesterday versus what they – I know they’re not going to read that. Well, they might. Erick is on social media and we here at the EIB network have steadfastly maintained a safe distance from that cesspool. So we’re not there, that’s why I don’t get any feedback on it. All I did yesterday -- this is the thing, folks, it is so frustrating. And it's actually getting more and more frustrating. You can't, when these people who are so emotionally invested -- emotionally, not intellectually -- so emotionally invested in an event and in an outcome, when they are, you can't get to them with the truth. In fact, the truth is the greatest enemy they face and they treat it that way.


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