Rush Limbaugh Defends Trump's Abortion Answer: Chris Matthews' Question “Came Out Of Left Field”

Limbaugh Suggests Chris Matthews' “Hypothetical” Abortion Question To Trump Was Unfair Because It Has Never Been Asked Before

From the March 31 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Now, the issue of abortion has not been a part of this campaign. It has not been a factor. It hasn't been brought up as a main campaign issue by anybody. You might have individual candidates in individual states seeking primary victory by saying various things to audiences about their opinion and their stance on abortion. But in terms of a campaign issue, it hasn't even come up in debates, I don't think. It has not been something that's been debated back and forth. I'll tell you what we have here, this is this campaign's version of George Stephanopoulos asking Mitt Romney about contraception. Contraception at the time Stephanopoulos asked Romney had not been talked about, nobody cared about it, it was not a factor. And you can tell by Romney's answer, it was in January of 2012 at a debate, and Stephanopoulos is a Democrat Party hack, and so is Chris Matthews. Chris Matthews, Democrat Party hack. Used to work with Thomas P. “Tip” O'Neill, Jr. He's a Democrat Party hack. His wife is running for elective office somewhere, the Senate, the House, something. Her name is Kathleen. He's a Democrat Party hack.

So he starts asking Trump about abortion in a hypothetical, just like Romney was asked about contraception, and just as in Romney's case, abortion is not being discussed by anybody. It has not been a bone of contention. There have not been massive debates, disagreements, and arguments about it. So it essentially came out of left field. But it was worse than that because Matthews set up a hypothetical. Matthews asked a question about abortion that I don't recall anybody having been asked. And he essentially wanted to know from Trump, he asked, “should women be punished if the United States bans abortion,” which is not going to happen by the way. Certainly, no president can do it. We have abortion because of a Supreme Court decision in 1973. No president can change that. But, the Democrats, nevertheless, have their techniques, they have their own prejudices and they have their own biases, they have their own tricks if you will. So out of nowhere, Matthews says, “OK abortion is illegal in the country, what should happen to women who have abortions?” Well, so as far as Trump is concerned, you just asked me if something is illegal, what should we do to people who break the law? We should punish them. It's exactly what Trump says when asked about illegal immigrants, for example. It was a hypothetical that I don't foresee ever being reality. I don't see abortion ever being made illegal in this country. It isn't going to happen. Yet here comes this hypothetical. So Trump, not a political guy.


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