Limbaugh: “The Killing Of Citizens And Civilians ... Used To Be How Wars Were Won”

From the December 17 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Well, look, I understand quite clearly your point. This really revolves around yet another attempt to distort the point Trump was trying to make. And this is -- it's quite common. The Trump voter is a reasonable person with a decent amount of common sense, I'm convinced of that or they wouldn't be as supportive as they are. So Trump comes out and says in the aftermath of San Bernardino, put everything in context here, knowing what we know, that the family of the San Bernardino two were involved, Trump is saying we've got to go after them too. His umbrella is, we got to keep America safe and, number two, we've got to win. George Patton was right, the American people love a winner. Trump talks about two things, winning and preserving. He's into safety, the defense of the country, protecting it, keeping it safe, and winning. And in that context, people know what he means when he says we need to go after these peoples' families and so forth. People know what that means. And here come the efforts to try to say that Trump is a wanton murderer who wants to open the doors of innocent family members and start gunning them down if they have any relationship to terrorism, and everybody knows that's not what Trump means when he says these things. And, in fact, many in the common sense view think that, if we're serious about fighting terrorism, we have to fight every avenue and every influence and everybody that's a part of a terrorist act. And, you're right, it is in our history -- the killing of citizens and civilians, that used to be how wars were won. That's how you did it. 


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