Jennifer Rubin Can't Believe Conservatives Want To “Make White People Fear Obama”

Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post's resident Romney surrogate, is currently trumpeting an “Exclusive” alleging that Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling has been “caught doing advocacy polling on race.” Rubin objects to a question in a recent PPP poll -- following last week's Daily Caller/Drudge/Hannity promotion of the 2007 Obama video -- about whether conservative media figures “want to make white people think Barack Obama hates them, or not?”

According to Rubin and “every independent or Republican pollster” she asked about the poll, the question was “shock[ing]” and over the line. By Rubin's telling:  “But of course the question is one that imparts the information to the voter in the most slanted way possible. There are no questions about liberal media or bias. To ask the question is to assume that conservative media are up to make white people fear Obama.”

What would lead PPP to “assume that conservative media are up to make white people fear Obama?”

Maybe it was when Glenn Beck flatly stated on Fox News that President Obama was a “racist” with “deep-seated hatred for white people or white culture.”

Or perhaps it was earlier this year when Rush Limbaugh said that Obama's entire “plan” is “payback” against the “white Europeans” who “illegitimately founded” the country.

Or last year's Limbaugh rant about how Obama was “not even halfway done killing the economy” and that his economic “role model” is Robert Mugabe, who “took the white people's farms.”

Before Obama was elected, Bill Sammon -- then a Fox News contributor before becoming Fox News' controversial Washington managing editor -- told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he thought Obama would lose the election because of  his “own views on the white race which are, I think, fairly controversial.”  

In the same interview, Sammon explained, “This guy is applying for a job to run a country that is predominately white, OK? And if you are on record as expressing resentment and suspicions and antipathy towards the white race in general, that's a political problem.”  

One could even point to the preposterous flap over the New Black Panther Party, in which the entire conservative media -- Jennifer Rubin included -- accused the Obama Justice Department of anti-white discrimination. Rubin herself wrote in a ridiculous January 2011 blog post that the “heart of the matter” regarding the New Black Panther case was DOJ's alleged directive “not to bring cases against black defendants for the benefit of white victims.”

Rubin's anger towards PPP's question would be better directed at the conservative media figures who have made it worth asking -- herself included.