Bully: Limbaugh Repeatedly Attacks Cain Accuser's 13-Year-Old Son

Using the power of his top-rated, nationally syndicated Clear Channel radio show, Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday repeatedly turned his AM wrath on a schoolboy and portrayed the 13 year-old as a villain in the Herman Cain sexual harassment saga.

A schoolboy.

Limbaugh even likened the young teenager to a Nazi storm trooper.

What prompted Limbaugh's bizarre outbursts? It was news that single mom Sharon Bialek had sat down with her son and told him about the encounter she alleges to have had with Cain thirteen years ago, and that her son then urged her to come forward and make her claim publicly. Limbaugh was enraged that a mother talked to her son about a pressing family matter, and that her son offered guidance.

From that innocuous premise, Limbaugh attacked the boy as a wannabe Nazi “brownshirt.”

Thankfully, Limbaugh appears to be (mostly) alone among far-right provocateurs in picking on Bialek's son. Limbaugh seems to be among the few commentators who thinks it's fair game to ridicule and insult a 13 year-old boy because his mother decided to come forward with an allegation of sexual misconduct.

Of course, Limbaugh's been on a petty, Cain-induced streak for more than a week, sputtering all kinds of confused, misogynistic, race-baiting rants while the Cain story continues to gain momentum, marked by additional allegations of wrongdoing against the Republican businessman. On Tuesday, that mounting frustration led Limbaugh to unload on a middle school student and drag the poor kid into a political controversy.

Limbaugh even mockingly imitated Bialek's son, making him sound like a preschooler [at the :47 mark]:

Hey Rush, pick on someone your own size.