Forgetting the '90s, Limbaugh Calls Sexual Harassment A "Political Tool Of The Left"

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Rush Limbaugh's defense of Herman Cain this week continues to careen out of control as the AM radio host launches every conceivable allegation against Democrats and journalists whom Limbaugh is sure colluded on the story about a pair of former Cain employees who allegedly received payments after raising sexual harassment objections against their boss.

Limbaugh has become unhinged over the story. And when Limbaugh gets that way it becomes truly impossible to connect any dots of common sense amidst his wild allegations; allegations that always portray conservatives as the helpless victims at the hands of the liberal media.

In response to the Cain story this week, Limbaugh's been all over the place in search of a coherent talking point. He has called the story A "racist" "witch hunt," claimed that vicious scribes are out to "destroy" Cain, and announced the Politico article piece was an "unconscionable, racially stereotypical attack." (Note: The article made no reference to Cain's race.)

On and on Limbaugh has rambled this week, throwing a right-wing pity party for his listeners. As part of his endless whining, Limbaugh included this deeply misguided claim:

LIMBAUGH: Sexual harassment is a political tool of the left to get rid of people, or to score money gains.

Hmm, sexual harassment used as a political tool to destroy political opponents?

If that sounds familiar, it should be because during the 1990s, President Clinton's dedicated haters in the right-wing press (and beyond) spent years coalescing around Paula Jones sexual harassment charges and used them in blatantly partisan ways to try to drive a Democrat out of the White House.

Jones' allegations were the elaborate cornerstone to the conservative movement's legal campaign to sabotage the president. (At one point advisor Ann Coulter was nervous Jones would settle the case too soon and fretted that would be "contrary to our purpose of bringing down the president." Coulter promptly set out to sabotage the settlement talks.)

And yes, at the time Limbaugh cheered the sexual harassment case against Clinton in hopes that it would destroy the Democrat's presidency. But today, the hypocrite host pretends it's "the left" that politicizes sexual harassment allegations.

Limbaugh seems even more confused and dishonest than usual this week.

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