Stew Peters’ Rothschilds conspiracy theory: OceanGate sub was sunk to hide truth “that it wasn't an iceberg that sank the Titanic”

Numerous politicians, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Paul Gosar, and Andy Biggs, have appeared on Peters’ program

Far-right conspiracy theorist Stew Peters is pushing a conspiracy theory that the OceanGate submarine was purposely sunk “to keep people from visiting the Titanic wreckage” because doing so would supposedly reveal that the Titanic “was sunk by a newly created” Rothschilds-connected Federal Reserve and not an iceberg. Numerous Republican politicians and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have appeared on Peters’ program.  

Peters is a white nationalist who frequently encourages violence against his perceived enemies. He has pushed a multitude of conspiracy theories, including those related to QAnon, COVID-19, Pizzagate, flat Earth, the moon landing, and the Uvalde and Sandy Hook mass shootings. 

Despite his toxic history, numerous politicians have appeared on his program, including Reps. Paul Gosar, Bob Good, Pete Sessions, and Andy Biggs; and Kennedy

Peters is now pushing the bizarre conspiracy theory that the Titanic was actually sunk by the Rothschilds-connected Federal Reserve — not an iceberg — and the OceanGate submarine was sunk to discourage people from ever visiting the Titanic to find out the truth. He began by stating

STEW PETERS: What if all of this is actually a ploy to keep people from visiting the Titanic wreckage? But if that's the goal, why? Maybe because if people explore the Titanic too much, they would discover that it wasn't an iceberg that sank the Titanic. There's a lot of alternative theories about how that sinking occurred — that it was intentionally sunk as part of an elaborate insurance scam and even that it was sunk by a newly created Federal Reserve.

Peters then brought on Zach Vorhies, a QAnon conspiracy theorist and James O’Keefe source. Vorhies claimed that “explosives were placed on the Titanic to blow it out.” The reasoning, Vorhies added, was to enact the Federal Reserve because rich families on board the Titanic were opposed to its creation. Vorhies then connected the Rothschilds — a frequent target of antisemitic conspiracy theories — to his conspiracy theory by claiming that the OceanGate sub “was being funded by the Rothschild dynasty. Right? What they want to do is they want to prevent people from visiting this Titanic.” 

During the segment, on-screen text stated: “Titanic disaster enabled creation of corrupt Federal Reserve; Missing submarine Rothschilds funded.” 

The conspiracy theory about the Titanic being bombed to ensure the creation of the Federal Reserve has been pushed online for years

Peters has used his verified Twitter account to broadcast his claims, including by writing: “The Titanic ‘iceberg’ crash was as fake as the moon landing, and so is this ‘submarine’ story.” He also streams his show on Rumble, which has become a welcoming home for extremist content