Trump Ally Roger Stone: Clinton's Attacks On The “Alt-Right” Are “The Tactics Of A Hitler Or A Stalin”

From the August 25 edition of NY1's Inside City Hall

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JOSH ROBIN (HOST): Well speaking of alt-right, Hillary Clinton delivered this major address today in Nevada where she says that a fringe element has effectively taken over the Republican Party. What do you make of that? 
ROGER STONE: Gee, that's what they said about Barry Goldwater too, and of course the nomination of Goldwater led to the ultimate election of Reagan. See, they think they're in the mainstream. They're actually the extremists. We're in the mainstream. What's more chilling to me is the idea that we need to censor or shut down alternative media. Those are the tactics of a Hitler or a Stalin. I'm for free expression. Left, right, middle. Everybody should be allowed to speak. 
ROBIN: Right, the question is, is whether people who are espousing views that are racist or overly white nationalist or anti-Semitic -- 
STONE: Who's to say what -- the 1994 crime bill -- 
ROBIN: I don't think she's talking about shutting them down. It's a question of whether someone who is at the helm of one of these websites should now be at the helm of the political campaign of the Republican nominee. 
STONE: Bill and Hillary Clinton gave us the 1994 crime bill which has incarcerated an entire generation of young black men for non-violent crimes like the small amount, possession of drugs. In this particular case, rock cocaine has harsher penalties than powdered cocaine. 
ROBIN: Right. 
STONE: Who's the racist? She's the racist.