Roger Stone claims that on January 6, “the Lord came to me in the shower” and “clearly told me, do not go to the Capitol”

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Citation From the September 6, 2023, edition of Elijah Streams' Prophets and Patriots, streamed on Rumble 

ROGER STONE (GUEST): On the morning of January 6, I was in the shower. The Lord came to me in the shower. Over the New York Times — You want to make fun of me? Go ahead. A voice clearly told me, do not go to the Capitol. And I did not go to the Capitol. Yes, the Lord does send you a message. He does speak to you. And you need to speak to him. It is — and then, of course, the day after the election, I was in Memphis. I was headed to Mike Lindell's studio. The car that I was riding in with two security guards was broadsided. The car was demolished, was totaled. They were both injured. I walked away without a scratch.

STEVE SCHULTZ (HOST): Praise God, praise God. 

STONE: So now I'm praying for one more miracle. Not for myself, but for the nation.