Daily Caller Back To Publishing Roger Stone After Pulling His Plagiarized Piece

The Daily Caller published another pro-Donald Trump piece by Roger Stone just weeks after it pulled a piece by Stone that contained heavy plagiarism.

Stone wrote an April 25 column which featured at least five paragraphs in which research and language were lifted from a conservative blog. Stone did not credit or attribute his writing to the blog. After Media Matters documented the plagiarism, the Daily Caller pulled the piece from its website without any explanation.

Stone responded to the plagiarism with a nonsensical post on his Facebook page. He called the criticism a “MSM HIT JOB” and posted a statement from a writer named Kelleigh Nelson admitting she “copied it off several sites” and sent it to Stone. Nelson concluded (ellipses in original), “Blaming Roger for plagiarism is idiotic....he got all the info from me...and I put it together to send to him. So blame me...facts are it's all true.”  

Stone’s May 10 piece accuses Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan of extorting and blackmailing Trump. Stone claimed that “Ryan is posturing to get Donald to agree to key terms relating to the congressional committees, congressional candidates and more importantly the RNC. Ryan will endorse Donald, but Donald has to agree that his campaign team will not be influencing these committees and will give the RNC, under Reince [Priebus], autonomy (obviously this means control of the money and spending).” Stone then suggests that Ryan is doing this in part to benefit Republican strategist Karl Rove’s business. Stone made similar claims during an appearance on The Alex Jones Show.

Stone is a longtime friend and ally of Trump who peddles research that is discredited and false. That the Daily Caller has no problems continuing its relationship with Stone is perhaps unsurprising given the publication’s notoriously low standards that have even embarrassed its own employees.