Roger Ailes misremembers the past

Interesting behind-the-scenes article in Broadcasting & Cable from the Fox News set on Election Night. (“It is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one—for America and Fox News.”)

The misremembering comes from FNC's Roger Ailes, when asked about how the Obama administration might affect Fox News' ratings:

“I remember when Bill Clinton took over and within a very short time he had to get rid of a couple of appointees,” he says, referring to Zoë Baird and Lani Guinier. “And then he got into gays in the military, and suddenly issues became critical and our ratings started to climb back up. I expect a dip over the next couple of months and then a big return to our numbers in late January, early February.”

Slight problem, Fox News wasn't even on the air “when Bill Clinton took over” in early 1993. Fox News debuted in 1996.