Rudy Giuliani tells his audience not to trust Fox News: “I happen to find what Fox is doing pathetic.”

Giuliani touches on Fox's gushing coverage of Gov. Ron DeSantis and more

In this clip, Giuliani also appears to be referring to comments made about him by the Murdochs and others that recently were revealed in court filings in the Dominion case.

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Citation From the March 3, 2023, edition of America's Mayor Live

RUDY GIULIANI (HOST): I also want to talk about Fox for a moment because - but I don't know enough about it to talk about it.


I heard before I got on because I was busy working on 


GIULIANI: Fentanyl 

GOODMAN: Oh fentanyl

GIULIANI: Yeah and I understand that our friend, my friend, Bannon, had some choice words for Fox. I mean –

GOODMAN: That's right, Mayor.

GIULIANI: I'm not ready for it yet but there will be a day on which I unload on Fox and I have plenty to unload on.

You probably don't know that one of the reasons Fox is on the air is because of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and the fact that he gave them a station when Turner would not and withstood a major lawsuit in order to do that and I did that mainly because of my belief that they would be a free and independent voice. Many people thought I did it because of my friendship for Roger Ailes or – I did not have a friendship with Rupert Murdoch at the time. I developed one and he was not a particularly consistent supporter of mine when I ran for mayor. He was the second time but by that time if he didn't support me for mayor you probably should have gone to remedial something school.

But I was always very close to Roger Ailes. He was one of my closest friends and I love Roger Ailes and I consider Roger Ailes to be one of the most maligned, horribly treated people and one of the great creators in this industry including of great benefit to people like Rush Limbaugh and Rush will tell you that if he were here Rush would tell you – he made me. O'Reilly, I'm not sure O'Reilly would tell you that but he did. Hannity, I think Hannity would tell you that. Greta Van Susteren – I mean we go on and on.

Well, let's just stick with the facts for a minute and then we'll go through the history. You're entitled to know this history before the 2024 election so you can make your choices and you're probably entitled to know it well in advance so that you can put in your antenna what to trust and what not to trust about Fox because it's very different than it was before and when we make up our list of the stations we can trust and the stations we can't – that is not one to put in the all trust category. I say that with tremendous pain because I loved Fox. Very very few people probably appeared on Fox more than I did.

What they've done to me is intolerable. It's the same kind of mean, vicious attempt to destroy me as a person, as a lawyer, to destroy my source of income that the left-wing has put me through and I did a tremendous amount for them and all the things that they did it for are now turning out to be the things they thought I was lying about. Turns out I was definitely, 100%, telling the truth about. You tell me where they have proven one place where I've lied.

I was the first proponent of the whole idea of Russian collusion was a false charge against my client Donald Trump and defended him on that. Was called all kinds of things for that. That has proved to be a hundred percent right. Same thing with when I came up with the hard drive and put it out. I was accused of being a Russian agent. I was accused of having created it, having edited it, having made it up. Fox partially and very weakly and very frightenedly defended me and then stopped and that's when they caved. Turns out they owe me a massive apology because I was right and even their affiliate, New York Post, which is now turned on Trump, wouldn't have that story but for me.

It's not the intrepid journalism of the New York Post that got that story out. It was the intrepid work of John Mac Isaac, Robert Costello, Rudolph Giuliani, and Steve Bannon that got it out. Not – The New York Post should say thank you because we gave it to them and spent a week in very hard negotiations pushing them to be brave. We bought them diapers, if you get my meaning. So cut it out. I know the story. I know the cowards. I know the heroes and I know the regular people. Fox has got a lot of all of those and it's not what it used to be. You take it with a grain of salt and what they're doing now for Rick DeSantis, I think it's a violation of the campaign finance law. They might as well be doing telethons. They don't cover Trump. They don't interview Trump. Every single thing is drawn against him. Every victory he has is blunted and DeSantis is treated like he's the only governor in America. I happen to like Ron DeSantis. I happen to find what Fox is doing pathetic. You're pathetic. You're sucking up. I think you're gonna hurt him by doing that.