Conservative Media Identify Latest Stealth Jihadi: Rick Perry

The anti-Muslim segment of the conservative media has identified yet another Republican as a traitor to America because he is supposedly too close to Muslims. The current target is Governor Rick Perry (R-TX), labeled as the “5th column candidate” by Pamela Geller because of his ties to Muslim leader Aga Khan IV and others.

Conservative Media Figures: Perry “Has Been Sucked Into The Propaganda Vortex” Of The Islamists

Pamela Geller: Due To His Friendship With The Aga Khan And Others, Perry “Has Been Sucked Into The Propaganda Vortex” And “Must Not Be President.” In a piece titled “Perry's Problematic Pals,” Geller condemned Perry for having ties to the Aga Khan, the head of the Ismaili branch of Islam. Geller also criticized Perry for joining conservative activist Grover Norquist at an event. Norquist, she argued, has “ties to Islamic supremacists and jihadists”:

Perry has been sucked into the propaganda vortex, and is now wielding his enormous power to influence changes in the schoolrooms and in the curricula to reflect a sharia compliant version of Islam. He is a friend of the Aga Khan, the multimillionaire head of the Ismailis, a Shi'ite sect of Islam that today proclaims its nonviolence but in ages past was the sect that gave rise to the Assassins. Perry has concluded at least two cooperation agreements between the state of Texas and the Ismailis, including a comprehensive program to feed children in Texas public schools and taqiyya nonsense about how Islam is a religion of peace. Another agreement stipulates that Texas officials will work with the Ismailis in the “fields of education, health sciences, natural disaster preparedness and recovery, culture and the environment.” Perry let on that this was all about whitewashing Islam's bloody historical and modern-day record: “traditional Western education speaks little of the influence of Muslim scientists, scholars, throughout history, and for that matter the cultural treasures that stand today in testament to their wisdom.”

It gets worse. Last March, Perry gave a speech in Dallas in the company of Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform. Norquist was close to George W. Bush, and Perry's anti-tax, anti-Big Government rhetoric sounds like it's right out of Norquist's playbook. But there is a dark side to Norquist as well: Norquist's ties to Islamic supremacists and jihadists have been known for years. He and his Palestinian wife, Samah Alrayyes -- who was director of communications for his Islamic Free Market Institute until they married in 2005 -- are very active in “Muslim outreach.” Six weeks after 9/11, The New Republic ran an exposé explaining how Norquist arranged for George W. Bush to meet with fifteen Islamic supremacists at the White House on September 26, 2001 -- to show how Muslims rejected terrorism.

The only problem was that the ones with Bush didn't.


It was bad enough that Bush was close to Norquist. There is no way the GOP can again nominate anyone who is so completely and utterly clueless about the fifth column within. Ten years after 9/11, can't we nominate someone who can speak to the ominous threat posed by Islamic supremacists in this country? There are no secrets here, even if the stealth jihad is covert and sneaky. We know what they are doing. See their whole plan, and how to fight it, in my new book Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.

Rick Perry must not be the Republican nominee. Rick Perry must not be President. Have we not had enough of this systemic sedition? [American Thinker, 8/15/11]

Geller: “Yes, Rick Perry Is The 5th Column Candidate.” In a WorldNetDaily piece headlined “Yes, Rick Perry is the 5th column candidate,” Geller wrote:

When I published my commentary “Perry's Problematic Pals” in the American Thinker Monday, the reaction was swift. I had pointed out that Texas Gov. Rick Perry “is a friend of the Aga Khan, the multimillionaire head of the Ismailis, a Shiite sect of Islam that today proclaims its nonviolence but in ages past was the sect that gave rise to the Assassins,” and that “last March, Perry gave a speech in Dallas in the company of Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform.” In response, detractors emphasized the peacefulness of the Ismailis and criticized me for making so much of Perry's speaking at the same event with Norquist. But there is more here that reflects poorly on Perry than they realize.


The fact that Hamas-tied CAIR, one of the top five groups named in AFDI's Threats to Freedom Index, immediately praised Perry, speaks volumes. All this speaks to a pattern. And the pattern is not good. It speaks to a pattern of going along with our civilization path to suicide. No matter who wins the nomination, I will support him or her with every breath of my body. But I am going to fight like a cat to get the right cat there. Of course, a candidate should make nice with Muslims who oppose jihad. But introducing the Islamic whitewash into our public schools and universities is the most dangerous thing you can do. It is not my intention to damn all Muslims, but we need a president who will call out the Islamic supremacist groups on stealth jihad. That is real political courage, not calling for tax cuts.

We have had enough of dhimmi candidates who kowtow, out of ignorance or financial interest or both, to Islamic supremacists. In my new book, “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance,” I detail the advances it is making, and show how Americans can and must resist. Do you really think that Rick Perry, in light of the information above, is really the man who is going to lead that resistance? Has Gov. Perry addressed the jihad ideology that has been responsible in recent years for the slaughter of thousands across the world? Or is he busy putting lipstick on a halal pig? [WorldNetDaily, 8/16/11]

Robert Spencer: Perry's Relationships With The Aga Khan And Others Show A “General Myopia About The Nature Of The Threat We Face.” Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch, wrote in Human Events:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has set many a heart a-flutter by joining the hunt for the Republican presidential nomination, but not so fast: Hard-Left advocacy journalist Justin Elliott of Salon hailed Perry as the “pro-Sharia candidate,” and exulted that Perry “is a friend of the the Aga Khan, the religious leader of the Ismailis, a sect of Shia Islam that claims a reported 15 to 20 million adherents worldwide. Sprouting from that friendship are at least two cooperation agreements between the state of Texas and Ismaili institutions, including a far-reaching program to educate Texas schoolchildren about Islam.”

The Ismailis are a peaceful sect, but such educational efforts are unlikely to be honest about the Islamic texts and teachings that jihad terrorists use to justify violence and make recruits among peaceful Muslims. Nor are they likely to be forthright about Islam's bloody history of war against and conquest and subjugation of Jews, Christians, Hindus and others. All that is likely to be whitewashed, especially given Perry's apparent friendship with Republican power broker Grover Norquist.


Herman Cain will never be President of the United States, and that's a good thing. His only distinctive position in this campaign was his opposition to Sharia, and now that he has surrendered to pro-Sharia Islamic supremacists, there is nothing noteworthy about his campaign at all. He joins Perry, Mitt “Jihadism Is Not Islam” Romney, Ron “They're Terrorists Because We're Occupiers” Paul and the rest in their general myopia about the nature of the threat we face, and cluelessness about what to do about it.

If any of these woefully inadequate candidates gets the Republican nomination and defeats Barack Obama, the only certainty for the subsequent four years will be more jihad, aided and abetted by shortsighted U.S. policies. [Human Events, 8/16/11]

WND Column By Joel Richardson: Perry's Relationship With The Aga Khan “Does Not Speak Well To His Ability To Leads This Nation Forward.” From WorldNetDaily:

There's no doubt that Texas Gov. Rick Perry has made a massive national splash in recent weeks by calling for a large prayer and fasting rally in the Texas' Reliant Stadium. The gathering garnered widespread support, as it should have, from a broad spectrum of evangelical Christians throughout America.

Even nominal Christians will admit that the United States now more than ever, deeply needs the church to pray. But while many Christians fully supported the call to pray and fast for our nation, many were also rightfully leery of Perry's prominent involvement in the event, particularly in light of the fact that it only preceded his official announcement to run for president by a week. While evangelicals should no doubt be looking for a president with integrity, humility and a reliance on Jehovah God to guide this nation, we must also be extremely cautious of throwing our full support behind anyone simply because he makes a good public showing of his Christian faith.


While courting a voter block may be forgivable, what should concern conservatives are two cooperative agreements that Perry spearheaded between the state of Texas and Ismaili Nizari organizations in 2008 and 2009.

The first agreement in 2008 was a “wide-ranging” program designed to indoctrinate Texas children about Islam and Islamic culture. According to, “Perry brokered a partnership between the University of Texas and Al-Husayni's Aga Khan University in Pakistan for the purpose of expanding cooperation on programs including the Muslim Histories and Culture Project,” or MHCP. The purpose of the MHCP is to train high-school teachers on the positive aspects of Muslim history and culture.

Perry's naive support for this program is disturbing, to say the least. At the signing ceremony, Perry stated, “I have supported this program from the very beginning, because we must bridge the gap of understanding between East and West if we ever hope to experience a future of peace and prosperity.”

In conjunction with the signing, Perry even requested the Texas A&M Aggie Corps of Cadets Ross Volunteer Company to do a sabre arch salute as part of a special ceremony for Al-Husayni arrival at the ceremony.

The glaring problem of course with this sentiment is that “bridges” normally go two ways. While Perry is expanding programs to teach American children about Islam, what is Al-Husayni doing about teaching Pakistani children about the glories of Christianity? Why is it that whenever these fabulously wealthy Muslim “philanthropists” ride into town to build bridges of understanding, it is always one-sided, always extolling the beauties of Islam?

The fact that Perry didn't see right through, and even supported, this facade does not speak well to his ability to lead this nation forward. [WorldNetDaily, 8/14/11]

Conservative Media Regularly Lash Out At Republicans Who They See As Not Anti-Muslim Enough

Right-Wing Media Figures Attacked Gov. Christie For Appointing A Muslim Judge. After New Jersey Governor Chris Christie nominated Sohail Mohammed for a Superior Court judgeship, conservative media figures claimed that the governor had a “strange relationship with radical Islam” and was “in bed with the enemy.” After Christie defended his nomination and denounced the attacks, stating that he was “tired of dealing with the crazies,” conservative media figures again attacked him, claiming that he had turned into “a good little dhimmi” and had made a “monumental mistake.” [Media Matters, 8/5/11]

Right-Wing Media Criticized Cain For Backtracking From His Promise Not To Put Muslims In His Administration. After Herman Cain backtracked from a promise not to hire Muslims to serve in his administration, stating that he was “truly sorry” for the comments, Geller claimed that Cain had “killed” his candidacy with those remarks. Spencer also wrote that Cain had “surrendered to pro-Sharia Islamic supremacists.” [Atlas Shrugs, 8/9/11; Human Events, 8/16/11]

Conservative Media Figures Claimed Former Bush Administration Official Was A Muslim Brotherhood “Infiltrat[or]” At CPAC. Suhail Khan, a board member of the American Conservative Union and a member of former President George W. Bush's administration, spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February, 2011. Several right-wing media figures denounced CPAC for allowing Khan to speak, with David Horowitz claiming that it showed that the Muslim Brotherhood had successfully “infiltrat[ed]” the government and the conservative movement. [David Horowitz's CPAC speech, 2/12/11, via Media Matters; ABC Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show, 2/15/11, via Media Matters; Fox News, Glenn Beck, 2/14/11, via Media Matters]