White Nationalist Group Headed By “Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing” Leader Holding Pro-Trump Conference In D.C.

The National Policy Institute, a white nationalist “think tank,” is holding an event focused on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C. on March 5.

In a report about the event from WUSA 9 (Washington, D.C.'s CBS affiliate), National Policy Institute president Richard Spencer said Trump is a figure “energizing” the white nationalist movement, noting, “He's fighting for us. He's saying we're going to be great again. We're going to win again. And there's this implicit identity to this. There's this implicit nationalism.” He added, “I think he's evoking a lot of feelings amongst people, and I think implicit in what Donald Trump is doing is a conception of America as a European country.”

Trump's campaign has faced criticism for the candidate's failure to condemn the Ku Klux Klan in an interview with CNN after former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke endorsed Trump, as well as its decision to give press credentials to a pro-Confederate white nationalist radio show. Trump's candidacy has energized the white nationalist movement and put their ideas “firmly in the mainstream.”

Spencer told WUSA of Trump's handling of Duke: “He never said 'I condemn this.' He never said any of that. He said I disavow. And I think that's what he should say. The fact is Donald Trump is Donald Trump. He does not need to answer for David Duke.”

According to the National Policy Institute's (NPI) website, the event will consist of three addresses: “Trump and 'Generation Alt Right',” “The Trump Phenomenon and the Implicit White Revolt,” and “Breaking Through To The Other Side.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) identifies Spencer as “one of the country's most successful young white nationalist leaders --a suit-and-tie version of the white supremacists of old, a kind of professional racist in khakis.”

Spencer has called for “peaceful ethnic cleansing” and described Martin Luther King Jr. as “a fraud and degenerate in his life” who “has become the symbol and cynosure of White Dispossession and the deconstruction of Occidental civilization.” He also described immigration as “a kind a proxy war -- and maybe a last stand -- for White Americans, who are undergoing a painful recognition that, unless dramatic action is taken, their grandchildren will live in a country that is alien and hostile.”

The SPLC wrote that NPI was established with the mission “to elevate the consciousness of whites, ensure our biological and cultural continuity, and protect our civil rights.” The group has opposed affirmative action and advocated “mass deportation” as a “viable solution to America's illegal immigration crisis.”

The event will also feature Ramzpaul (Paul Ray Ramsey), who the SPLC describes as a white nationalist who “has emerged as the hottest right-wing video blogger this side of former Klansman David Duke”; and Kevin MacDonald, who is considered the “neo-Nazi movement's favorite academic” and “published a trilogy that supposedly 'proves' that Jews are genetically driven to destroy Western societies.”