Limbaugh: Delaware Voters Defeated National Republican Establishment


by David Shere

Today's edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show focused primarily on yesterday's Republican primary in Delaware. Throughout the program Limbaugh and callers extolled Christine O'Donnell, Delaware Republicans' newly minted candidate for Senate, for her ideological purity and lambasted her defeated opponent, Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE), for his apostasy, as well as the national Republican establishment for their unflinching support of the "RINO" Castle. In particular, many callers asked why Fox News commentator and former Bush adviser Karl Rove so strongly advocated for Castle and attacked the more conservative O'Donnell. Limbaugh, for his part, wondered why Rove attacked a fellow Republican so strongly and why Rove, according to Limbaugh, never attacks Democrats like that.

This discussion of Castle vs. O'Donnell and the role played by the national Republican establishment took place within the larger context of a great struggle for the future of the nation. This election, Limbaugh said, wasn't about Democrats vs. Republicans, but about the country vs. Washington. Limbaugh repeatedly attacked national Republicans, saying they only cared about the money, power and prestige that come with being moderate and having a Senate majority, rather than about implementing conservative policies. Limbaugh said that it was better to have a liberal Democrat than a moderate Republican in office, because moderate Republicans vote like Democrats while diluting the Republican brand.

Beyond the Delaware primary and its implications for the future of the republic, Limbaugh again, as he has over the past few editions of his program, discussed Ines Sainz, the female reporter who was allegedly harassed in the locker room of the New York Jets football team. Limbaugh criticized "pansy sportswriters" for their criticism of the team, claiming that there is "no difference" between their comments and "what... Gloria Steinem would say twenty years ago." He also lauded New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for attempting to cut teacher's compensation and suggested that a caller would be "reported to Michelle Obama" because of the caller's dietary choices.

Highlights from today's show:

Limbaugh: Caller "will be reported to Michelle Obama" because she'll be "considered to be part of the obesity problem"

Limbaugh downplays possible NY Jets locker room harassment, attacks NFL response

Limbaugh on NY Jets controversy: Compares "pansy sportswriters" and "what...Gloria Steinem would say twenty years ago"

Limbaugh: "We already are living in a soft tyranny"

Limbaugh: "The government is the enemy here to a lot of people"

Limbaugh joins right wing media in turning on Rove over O'Donnell commentary

Limbaugh: "Looks like a lot of voters in Delaware employed the Limbaugh rule"

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