Drudge smears "joker" Franken with doctored photo


The Drudge Report posted a doctored photo of Minnesota Democrat Al Franken wearing a diaper and bunny ears.

On May 4, the Drudge Report posted a photo of Minnesota Democrat Al Franken wearing a diaper and bunny ears. As the blog ThinkProgress noted in October 2006, the photo is doctored. Indeed, a spokesman for Franken told the Cincinnati Enquirer at that time that the "picture is a fake."

Below the doctored photo, Drudge linked to a London Times article headlined, "Democrat joker Al Franken to hand Obama control of Senate." From the Drudge Report, accessed on May 4 at 7 a.m. ET:

Drudge doctored image

During the 2006 elections, the Ohio Republican Party included the doctored photo of Franken in a press release attacking then-Senate candidate Sherrod Brown (D) and Franken, who was campaigning for Brown at the time. In an October 25, 2006, blog post on its website, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that "Andy Barr, director of Al Franken's Midwest Values Political Action Committee [and currently a spokesman for Franken's senate campaign], said, 'The picture is a fake.' " Indeed, ThinkProgress noted that the doctored photo uses a "2004 AP photo of Franken." From ThinkProgress:

Drudge doctored image

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